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Youth for WellBeing: A Nada India Campaign




The growing prevalence of  NCDs  & its risk factors (Inactivity, unhealthy diet Alcohol ,Tobacco and mental condition ) among the young People , lack of awareness around the prevention of such NCDs has been brought to our attention and through Nada's work, we have identified a need for early behavioural intervention.

Health priorities of Youth Are heard & act upon


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Nada India is a lead organizationNIF welcomes both national and International volunteers/interns & offers a placement program in which to best suit the needs of its volunteers/interns and its programming.

Youth Voices

aanvi, second year student of Philosophy (H) said, "the main reason behind obesity is our sedentary lifestyle so we need to take care of what we eat and we need to exercise daily". While Urvashi pledged to switch to healthier food items and quit eating junk food, Farha wished for everyone's well being and asked today's youth which she said is tomorrow's future to take this growing problem of obesity seriously. ......

Youth Icon and Health Advocate: Kartik Singer Calls upon young people

Kartik Raman is a Young singer, composer, independent artist and music instructor.Along with composing music and playback singing for Sandalwood, , Kartik also tours with Padmashree Shankar Mahadevan... 

Afilash Nada India volunteer  #covid19  #smoking #alcohol


As the world combats the coronavirus (COVID-19), it has never been more important to keep our lungs healthy. One of the best ways to do this is to quit smoking and vaping – and to prevent young people from ever starting in the first place. We urge all smokers and vapers to quit at this critical time. We also urge policymakers to take strong action to reduce smoking and vaping, especially among young people.


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Young India Network through Nada India always welcomes both national and international volunteers & Interns and offers a placement program in which to best suit the needs of its volunteers and its programming. 

Amazing Nada India volunteers Afilash T Issac cartoonist has joined the Young India Network cause.

Art for Wellbeing:

Mr.Abhilash T. Issac threw some light on how art can be one of the best mediums to raise awareness as well as to keep one's mind away from the persistent need of drugs. He told that 'The Art of living' is enjoying yourselves with the minimum of resources. For workshops Art for Wellbeing workshops please call 9810594544 or 

Check out #AajSeThodaKam

The actor Rajkummar Rao officially released the Aaj Se Thoda Kam campaign. He encouraged the citizens to reduce salt, sugar and fat intake with a simple message. #AajSeThodaKam

We urge young people to join Young India Network  as health advocates to achieve 30% relative reduction in sodium intake use by 2025 and halt the rise in prevalence of diabetes by addressing key policy issues like 

  • College, school & workplace canteen 
  • Availability of unhealthy foods around school, college & workplace

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About Nada India Foundation


Leadership & Social work intervention

Leadership & Social work intervention

Leadership & Social work intervention

Nada India has been organizing workshops on Strengthening Leadership and Social work intervention for the Prevention and Control of NCDs and its cross cutting risk factors. Nada has been working with the National Association of professional Social Workers in India (NAPSWI) and NISD since 2016 for NCD capacity-building in Delhi (NCR),Punjab,H.P., Jammu, Kerala, Rajasthan, U.P., Chhattisgarh Utterakhand,  Puducherry and & Maharashtra.  


Patient Champions

Leadership & Social work intervention

Leadership & Social work intervention

Nada India advocates for balanced and healthy public policies to prevent, control non-communicable diseases, child friendly, gender sensitive and drug free healthy life style.Saathiya NCDs & risk factors survivors for Good Health is an initiative of Nada India. It features and promotes ordinary people with extraordinary idea and commitment to promote Good Health and Well-being among people of all ages. Saathiya is platform to share hope and voice their concerns related to Good health in a market driven society.


Involving Young for Wellbeing

Leadership & Social work intervention

Involving Young for Wellbeing

Nada India has been creating the spaces and nurturing diverse networks of community-based  initiatives amongst the marginal and most at risk populations in the urban contexts of the  metros as well as in the tier two and three towns. National Association of Professional Social Workers in India, NCD Alliance, World Federation Against Drugs and Global Health Council ,  

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